Monthly Meeting

Our Association organizes regular monthly meetings for members. In our meetings, members would have the opportunities to take part in various experience-sharing activities; and to freely perform their latest magic effects to fellow magicians. Our President Announcement Session of each meeting would inform our members about all latest developments in the international magic world.

Non-members, who are over 18 years old, are welcome to attend our monthly meetings as visitors (although non-members who are Hong Kong residents could only visit our monthly meeting once).

Please contact our General Secretary, Mr. Kenneth Chan, at 9302 4180 for further information. Alternatively, you may forward your enquiries to

Lee Asher workshop



Magicians’ Association of Hong Kong
2016 March Mothly Meeting Notice

Date:               12th March., 2016 (Sat)

Time:              19:30 – 22:00 (19:00 Door Open)

Location:     3 Lockhart Rd., The Boys & Girls’ Clubs Association of HK room 501.

Host:              Mystery man

Started by 7:30 pm Video section
Association report by President
Show Time / members are welcome to preform after report to the host
Magic Circle / Magic with “paper” (not including card magic)

Members are welcome to have your guests visit the meeting, pls report to program secretary.